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Monday, September 04, 2017

Test Results

Not sure if I mentioned it earlier, but I sent off to get a hair test to check my heavy metals and mineral levels from MediScan via my acupuncturist.  I've got the results back, unfortunately I have a number of problems that were picked up.  The only heavy metal that came back was mercury, which was fairly high, although the others are low, it's probable from my other results that some of them are hidden.
On the minerals side I'm low in all the good guys except Chromium, Cobalt, Phosphorus and Zinc (though zinc is the low end of normal).  Apparently it's not uncommon for the good guys to be low when you have high bad guys as the bad guys fill the positions the good guys should be in.  Might explain the muscle pains, the sinus thing/dizziness and the feeling that something just ain't right! 

So now I need to improve my digestion (my alternative practitioner has already picked up that my stomach is too low in acid production, my spleen isn't working well and nor are my liver or kidneys).  I'm taking something to help with the acid production and something for my spleen, couldn't afford to add the other things yet, not enough money in the kitty. 

So, hoping all this will help, really want to get rid of the side pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, calf pain and headaches.  Sick of feeling like I've got pressure on my throat, feeling dizzy (though this one has improved since replacing my pillow), forgetting names, the palpitations and problems with sleep.  I want to be healthy and full of energy, not feeling like I'm treading water to stop from drowning.  I know my stress levels are high, teenagers don't help, especially when they are addicted to electronics and not very nice when we say no, this would all be easier to cope with if feeling well.

I have been endeavoring to deal with the stress through my craft though.  The loom (Mairi) is now ready to weave on, I hope.  I'm halfway through winding her first warp.   I'm over halfway through the second sock for youngest (not that he deserves it after the way he's been behaving), have got a bit done on my cardigan and have also been cutting out fabric from my last weaving to make a bag.  The pattern idea has changed after finding out how much all the interfacings etc were going to cost (over $80) I decided to go with a relatively basic tote style.  I still had to spend some money, but $10 is much more manageable.
Here's Mairi with her new apron, texsolv tie up and a heap of new heddles, ready to go.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Quick Update

Healthwise I'm still not doing as well as I'd like.  I've been on the MEVY diet for some weeks now, but can't source the supplements I need as they're out of stock and the ones I was trying gave me a sore stomach (I'm suspecting the tea tree oil as the culprit here).  So despite the better diet I'm not feeling better yet.  As well as the funny head and sore side I now have a neck that tends to feel like I'm being strangled which is most unpleasant.  The antibiotics didn't help with the sinus thing, so it looks like I probably have chronic sinusitis and as I'm not prepared to throw more antibiotics at it (which probably wouldn't work) I have to live with it and hope that it'll improve with diet/supplements etc.  I'm also getting a hair test to check for heavy metals, more money but if I do have mercury issues from my fillings I need to know, the final 4 fillings leave in a few weeks.
I'm seeing a chiropractor, an osteopath and an acupuncturist to try and get on top of it all with mixed success.  The chiro has helped with my neck, but I'm going to need more than 2 visits, today was the 3rd, but I won't see how that's helped till tomorrow going by past experience.
Both she and my osteopath believe the side issues are related to my ribs/intercostal area, so there's been some work on that.  She's hoping to get my neck more balanced as she thinks the strangulation effect is actually from my neck muscles at the front being very tight so I'm also doing stretches on that.
I was going to change GP, but have had to put that off after a phone call to say I need referral to get more investigation after an "atypical" test result.   Not going to go into that further since we don't yet know why it's atypical, or what type of atypical, so I just need to try not to think about it till I get more information.   I hate waiting!  Once that's moved on then I'll change to a new practice.

On the loom front I've started working on Maire.  The wood has been cleaned and then polished with a beeswax polish and I'm starting to remove rust from the jacks.  Once that's done it'll get a wipe down with meths and then some silicon spray to protect it for the future.

Spinning has been mostly working on my Tour de Fleece combo spin, I've not yet managed a decent daylight photo due to heaps of rain here, but this is reasonably close to how it looks in real life.
A mix of merino, ramboillet, alpaca/silk and unknowns
There's 1500m here, so plenty for a jersey, haven't worked out its weight yet, but I'm suspecting DK/worsted.  I've also plied some perendale
still got quite a bit of this to go, both spinning and plying
The first sock for youngest (was going to be for Dh, but youngest needs it more) is now halfway through the foot.  The pattern is Barrel Rider's sock and was gifted to me by the designer.  It's an enjoyable knit and coming along well.
and the yarn is Schoppel-Wolle Admiral in Burgund.
Finally my shawl is growing, the pattern is Aisling and the yarn is Sikkim by Happy Go Knitty which is a merino/silk/yak singles yarn.
Loving these colours together, the photo does not do them justice, the brownish colour is actually a rich burnished copper and is called Gingerbread Man.  It'll be glorious when finished.
Unfortunately the way I've been feeling and school holidays have combined to impact on how much I've been getting done.  The loom should be finished by now, as should both those knitting projects and I should be partway through my cardigan instead of merely swatching done.  Unfortunately the world doesn't go as I'd like sometimes so I will continue to muddle through and do the best I can.

Oh, and I finished the second pair of Portlander pants which I'm enjoying wearing, lovely and warm since they're merino.

Friday, July 14, 2017

New Horizons Portlander Pants

With school holidays starting I was jump started into doing some sewing since youngest doesn't seem to have enough trousers.  I had enough left of the fabric to do something for myself as well so chose the Portlander Pants by New Horizons.  I've not used any of their patterns before so it was a great choice for Indie Pattern Month on The Monthly Stitch. These are a great pair of relaxed pants for just relaxing in, now by rights I should have finished youngest's pants first, but I can't find my elastic, so...

I don't normally wear my top tucked in, so it's normally a little more flattering, also not helped by the fact that it's cold and wet and dark here at the moment.  I've got another pair almost finished, just the waistband and hem to do, I'll finish them tomorrow, they're in khaki coloured merino sweatshirting.

This pair is from deep stash, I owned the fabric for probably 14 or more years, I bought it before my youngest was born and originally had another colour in it.  That went to my mum to be used to make Gran something to wear in the resthome.   I think the fabric might be cotton, it's got a good weight to it and is a knit on the side I've used as the right side and a terry loop on the back.

You can see the front of the fabric here, I did take a photo of the back, but for some unknown reason it's disappeared from my computer/phone.   It's a hard fabric to photograph at the best of times, and the lighting at the moment is awful!   You can see here the pocket on the front which I've overlocked for a more rustic look.  It doesn't sit quite as well as I'd like, but overall I'm pretty happy, I suspect the other pair will have better behaving pockets since the material isn't as heavy.

Will I make more?   Not yet, with the two pairs I've just made my casual pants drawer is now full, however the pattern is one I'll definitely revisit when I need more trousers suitable for winter slobbing.  It also comes in a shorts version so I might try that for summer, though at the moment it's hard to imagine summer, this winter's been cold and wet and horrible!

This is the other fabric, not a flattering colour for me, but it's on my bottom half so it doesn't matter.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Despite it all I finished a top!

Despite the sinus thing I've done some sewing and I finished a t-shirt I really love.  The main fabric is merino from The Fabric Shop which I got for $10 per metre.  I had to cut around a couple of holes, but it was worth it, the colour is gorgeous!
Tunic length (horrible lighting).  It keeps raining here so all photos are indoors with no decent lighting

And close up of the neckline (and the birdie) with equally horrible lighting.
On the health front I was worse yesterday and ended up at after hours again (to those from overseas this is like a walk-in clinic I think).  New antibiotics and another nasal spray with an antihistamine and the hopes that this works.  Yesterday was horrible!  Today I'm feeling a bit more human so have hopes for the future and am about to get 2 singlets sewn for youngest.  He's not so young now, 13 this month and we had his birthday party today which went off well despite having to cancel the visit to Willowbank (a local zoo) as it was raining quite hard.  He invited two friends from his old school who now go to the new school as well and they watched Fantastic Beasts and decorated pillowcases.   I'm now all out of decent cotton pillowcases so will have to come up with something new next year.

On the knitting front I'm up to the first heel on Dh's new socks, have just started a new shawl and got youngest to choose one skein of yarn from Vintage Purls to order for a new pair of socks.  I was expecting he'd choose green, but he chose lilac instead.  Looking forward to knitting those, just have to decide on a pattern.

Dh's Barrel Rider Socks

and my Aisling shawl which is being done in a merino/silk/yak singles yarn.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

On health and teens

Well I finally have an answer to my funny head issues, I have a sinus infection with a reasonable amount of inflammation.  I'm now on antibiotics which I didn't really want (candida loves them), but considering this has been going on for 2 years now and flared much worse recently I'm biting the bullet.  I'm following up each antibiotic capsule with garlic and then probiotics to hopefully limit the damage the antibiotics do, and I'm keeping up my clean diet.  Lunch today:  grilled chicken with kale with apple cider vinegar for a dressing.  No sugar, no carbs and no clue what I'll eat on Saturday when I'm out at guild.

Teenagers - youngest was a troll tonight, he recently turned 13 so we now officially have 2 teens.  He's being a bit of an emotional rollercoaster both at school and at home, tonight he didn't want to go to bed and was hitting things on the way there.  I did not have a great deal of sympathy when he hurt his hand, does that make me a bad mother?  I figure the fact that he's lived to be a teenager makes me a good mother, I've kept him alive!  Now to try and keep the waters relatively calm until he grows out of the volatile stage in several years, sigh.  His brother is a little better, at least he doesn't hit things, though I'm pretty sure he called me something very unpleasant earlier when I refused to let him have toast 10 minutes before bed.  One day I'll look back on all this and laugh, now I just pray to survive intact.

I've been doing a little sewing, and swatching and cleaning of the new loom, but nothing much to show yet, photos will come when there's something worth photographing.  My swatch needs larger needles, so that's a wee bit away before I can start the cardigan too.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Socks finished!

The one good thing about the funny head was I got more knitting done since I was avoiding the Xbox.  I'm now back on the Xbox a bit and it's not making things worse, but it is harder than normal due to the fizzy head.  One good thing, it's better today, however I'm still going to the doctors tomorrow since it's not yet gone and I've got an earache which sometimes goes headache so I have to get it checked.   Kind of hoping that there's an obvious pressure issue and they can pop a hole in my eardrum to let it out, guess I'll find out.

Anyway, you didn't come here to read all about my woes, so here's socks!

Thursday, June 08, 2017

On Health

A step backward.   About 3 weeks ago I went down with a cold, courtesy of eldest who brought it home from school.  I thought I'd got over it, but seem to have some sort of viral complication, last week I had what felt like palpitations, the after hour place confirmed it wasn't (thank goodness), but it made me feel very unwell, and then on Sunday while I was on the Xbox I got a repeat of my funny head thing I got 2 years ago after a cold.  No visual disturbance this time, but the fizzy and off centre feeling head is back.   I've not gone back to the doctor for this, after over year going back and forward to them I got no answers at all.  I've booked in to see a balance physio in the hopes she can help instead.  Going by it being post colds both times it's more than likely inner ear, and of course the MRI I had didn't point to any causes for it either which helps set my mind at ease, even if it doesn't help my symptoms!  I've not been on the Xbox since.

Next week is busy on the health front too, back for another mammogram to check out an odd breast symptom; probably nothing, but you don't leave this sort of thing.  An MRI to check my rectocele in preparation for getting that surgically corrected and then my lipoma removal.   Mum is coming along to the first and last appointments, I'm very blessed with my mum.

I'm also starting a candida diet, I've bought 3 books, but the one I'm following is the Candida Crusher one by Eric Bakker who is a NZ Naturopath who's been treating candida patients for 25 years with a lot of success.  This week and part of next is the first step which is called Warm Turkey, you basically remove all the bad stuff from your diet slowly and then move onto a Meat, Vege, Egg, Yoghurt diet for 3 weeks or so before adding a few more things in carefully and starting the supplements to kill the candida slowly and replace the good bacteria.  None of it's cheap of course, but it's one of those things I need to do if I'm going to get healthy again.  Exercise will be starting again too, it went on hold while I wasn't feeling well and although I'm still not right, I have got back into the housework and a little rowing to hopefully help me feel better.

Oh, and the reason I think I have candida?  The list of symptoms matched me very closely, I have most of them, I had oral thrush as a baby and I've had problems with thrush most of my adult life.  Also add in being on the pill for a very long time, having had 2 babies, some very strong antibiotics and my very sweet tooth all pretty much guarantee I have it.  I really want to get past this, to get healthy and I don't think I was truly ready for this earlier.  Now I am, and Dh has said he'll support it as long as I keep exercising, this I can do, exercise is part of the programme anyway!

The good thing about all this sitting around feeling sorry for myself?   I've been weaving and knitting a lot.  The dining room loom is now empty and up on Trademe to find a new owner, which means Mairi (my Macomber loom) is closer to being fixed up and set up.

My fabric which has been fulled in the washing machine and made from carpet wool
 It will become a bag, the pattern is already bought, I'm making the Vivian handbag by Swoon Patterns
I also finished the plain socks for Ian, he's now worn them for 3 days straight and I'm going to have to steal them in order to wash them!

And last, but not least I'm now partway up the leg for my socks too! 
 The socks are my final WIP, I've frogged the big shawl.  I just hated knitting with the yarn too much to ever finish it, cobwebweight yarn is too fine.  The yarn will be something beautiful on a loom one day instead.  This means I can start my next project with no feeling of guilt, I need a cardigan!

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