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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Procrastination Challenge

The Challenge:  Procrastination.  This was originally cast on 1.5 years ago and I just didn't get any further; so glad to finally have it finished and wearable!

Materials:  Sock yarn (Vintage Purls in this case)

Pattern: Little Skater.  This is a modern pattern, but is very similar to an 1855 pattern in Godey's Lady's Book called Knitted Mitten and Bracelet

Year: 1855 I guess, the first thing I've made for this period, but will be worn a lot this coming winter with modern clothing.

Notions:  2.25mm circular needles and stitch markers

How historically accurate is it?  The actual colourwork pattern is from a modern pattern, but if seen in the time it would probably pass quite well.  Pretty sure not everyone then liked frills on their mitts and fingerless gloves have been around since Roman times.

Hours to complete:  A lot plus 1.5 years, lol.

First worn:  Not yet, too hot at the moment, but in winter it's going to be a staple.

Total cost:  $33 probably for the cost of the original yarn club.

Blocking on my glove blockers.

Friday, January 08, 2016

Knit Meme

I'm taking this from where I found it, which was Wandering Cat Studio.  She didn't start it, but without her I wouldn't have found it.   It's basically a small number of knit themed questions which I am going to answer, hopefully you're interested!

Do you have a bad habit?
I spend too much money, especially when starting a new craft and I eat too much sugar.  I also tend to put off exercise, but that is changing this year.

Do you have to hide your knitting from your pets.
From Star, yes I do.  She's dissected the odd ball of yarn and has a very nasty habit of making a "snick" sound with my knitting needle cables; that's a sound you don't ever want to hear, especially when said cable was holding a project.  Ray isn't interested in knitting, she prefers paper and cardboard.

Do you cheat when you cable?
No, and I panic if I lose track of where I am, cables are one of the few things I have real issues reading my rows for.

Do you not really listen to your family when you are knitting intensely? Or blogging? Or buying yarn online?
If I'm counting I don't listen, I just count louder.  The rest of the time yes I do, if I'm reading however it might take several minutes for it to sink in that someone in the real world is trying to communicate with me

Do you fall for Knit kits?
Not normally.  I have 2 in my stash.  1 is a kit for Henry VIII by Alice Starmore (only way to get the pattern at the time), the other is a custom kit from a shop in Nelson in Rare Yarns which is yummy and my husband bought for me while we were on holiday.  Otherwise I prefer to choose my own colours and usually local yarns.

In other news I've been cutting and pinning for our quilt which has been sitting in the drawer for some years now, knitting on fingerless mitts (my lace mojo has temporarily retreated, but will be back) and dyeing the dress I did the block printing on as even with that the colour was not good on me.

This pile will become disappearing 16-patches

The colourwork on the Little Skater Mitts

and finally dyeing in progress, the colour of the fabric is pretty accurate, it was greige.
Better post this quickly, sometime this afternoon Spark will be around to upgrade us to VDSL, much as I'd love fibre, it's not available here yet and it could be another 3 years yet.  We need faster broadband if we can get it, so fingers crossed!

Oh, and I'm feeling much better.   Overdid things slightly yesterday (most of the day on my feet), but bounced back overnight and have done some vacuuming and dishes today as well as some tidying up.   Also may have picked up a heavy box by accident and so far it doesn't seem to have done damage (nor did it hurt at the time).  Not quite ready for a core workout, but am hopeful that once my doc clears me I'll at least be able to hit the rowing machine.

Friday, January 01, 2016


The coming year is mostly going to be a time of healing and working towards good health for me.  No resolutions as such but a definite goal which is to get healthy and enjoy life and family.  I've already been working on this for the last few months, but of course my health took a turn for the worse and surgery has put some of what I wanted to do to the side until I'm cleared for exercise again.

On the food front there's been a lot less sugar involved and I've been trying to eat more fruit and vegetables.

On the craft front I want to reduce my WIP's as having too much stuff hanging around impacts on how I feel, so I want to finish 3 things first being my travel socks for youngest, the test knit I'm working on and a pair of fingerless mitts.
I also want to finish spinning for a jersey, and warp up my loom for several projects as well as doing some historical sewing.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mojo Hat

My new handspun hat, I'm not good at selfies but I like the hat
Feeling better today, doing a fair bit of wandering around the house and have started taking magnesium as I suspect I'm low in that (I'm also taking iron as I know I'm low in that after bloods).  Got the restless leg thing going on which is a sign and also the leg pain could be related.

In other news I'm thinking about next year's Historical Sew Monthly plans

  • January –  Procrastination – finish a garment you have been putting off finishing (a UFO or PHD) or make something you have been avoiding starting.

    Not sure on this one, I have a KAL to do with a UFO, but it's not really historical.   Might do some research to find out if fingerless mitts were around in the suitably distant past.
    ETA: is proof that they did exist and although my pattern is modern it wouldn't be out of place.

  • February – Tucks & Pleating – make a garment that features tucks and pleating for the shape or decoration

    I've got the bits for an 1810's bonnet so I think this might work for this
  • March – Protection – make something to protect yourself (from weather or injury) or your clothes (from soiling etc.)

    I do need an apron for my 1810's dress
  • April – Gender-Bender – make an item for the opposite gender, or make an item with elements inspired by the fashions of the opposite gender

    I'd love to make something for my husband, but don't know that he'd wear it.  Might go with making a military inspired coat for my 1810's outfit instead
  • May – Holes – sometimes the spaces between stuff are what makes a garment special.  Make a garment that is about holes, whether it is lace, slashing, eyelets, etc.

    Hmm, another hard one, might go back to the 18th century for this and start my 1745 outfit based on the Outlander series
  • June – Travel – make a garment for travelling, or inspired by travel.

    I really want to make a tartan skirt for 18th century, I think this would be a good practical travel skirt too.
  • July – Monochrome – make a garment in black, white, or any shade of grey in between.

    My socks for 18th century in grey Perendale handspun.
  • August – Pattern – make something in pattern, the bolder and wilder the better.

    Will have to investigate the stash before making a decision, or the fallback would be mitts or a pocket with embroidery in the Oriental style.
  • September – Historicism – Make a historical garment that was itself inspired by the fashions of another historical period.

    Will have to think about this one.
  • October – Heroes – Make a garment inspired by your historical hero, or your historical costuming hero.

    Something else for the 1745 Outlander outfit
  • November – Red – Make something in any shade of red.

    This is easy, I have (hopefully) enough boiled wool to make an 18th century hooded cape, this will also cross over to my 1810's outfit.
  • December – Special Occasion: make something for a special event or a specific occasion, or that would have been worn to special event of specific occasion historically.

    1775 red silk Robe d'Anglaise, I have the fabric and the pattern (Larkin)

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Ups and Downs

In general I've been improving, still get pain from time to time and my legs are having pins and needles and cold pain which I believe is due to the surgery as well and will hopefully improve over time.   I've also had other leg pain, but I had that prior to surgery, have had one swelling and heat issue which lead to me having an ultrasound, luckily it wasn't DVT, but I do have sluggish veins so more walking is needed.   I'm super glad of our free healthcare though, didn't cost me to go to ED and even the scan was free which I didn't expect!
I think my remaining ovary might be struggling too, been getting hot flushes from time to time, it may be in shock and if that's the case it should start working again later.   It could be a lot worse though!

The bills for surgery arrived yesterday, so I have now forwarded them all onto Nib and am super glad I have health insurance, it was a little less than expected, but still a huge amount of money!

In other news I've started doing a little crafting.  Before my surgery I bought a linen dress in a colour that is guaranteed to make me look ill, so today I did some block printing on it.
I used a carved block from India and I think I'll be doing more of this in the future.
I've also cast on for a Hill Country Hat using my handspun, I'll be making some changes to the pattern, mostly that there will be a turn-up brim using handspun alpaca with feathers in it.
The main yarn is Romney with some sparkle.
I've also got past the heel turn of youngest's new socks while waiting at doctors and hospitals etc
I may even be thinking about getting back to lace knitting once the hat is done, will see how I go with comfort for sitting.
This is an older Regia yarn, should wear well for my active boy.
Merry Christmas everyone and all the best for a fantastic new year as well.   I'm looking forward to a new year with wellness as my focus.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Been home for 2 days now

Pain is pretty good now, there's the odd sharp pain which I'm putting down to gas moving around traumatised areas.   I've been walking a reasonable amount and (TMI) my bowel movements are happening 2-3 times a day in the morning and I'm not constipated for the first time in ages!
I now know why I was constipated though, according to the bowel surgeon we were really close to having a total blockage due to the endometriosis which would have been a medical emergency and also explains why my health was so crap for a while.

I've not felt like doing much in the way of knitting or anything else crafty, been on the Xbox instead.   I think there might be a few more days of that as I'm still feeling pretty drained, but definitely improving each day.  I'm not going to push things too much though, but there may be a walk to the local pharmacy today to get some Difflam lozenges for my throat as I'm getting the cough tickle at bedtime and at the moment coughing isn't something I want to do much of.

Thursday, December 10, 2015


Well there are no more tubes attached to me, just a single lure. Yesterday started badly with hideous nausea, but that has settled now and is apparently a side effect of losing bowel.
Tummy pain is really low, but I still have some shoulder point pain and a headache.
The bowel that got removed was in a bad way. Some of it had been invaded to the point where it was almost blocked and the it above it was so thick with muscle due to having to work so hard that I believe it came out too.
I've been getting up to go to the loo from yesterday evening and has a reasonably independent shower this morning, hopefully I will get to wash my hair tomorrow!

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