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Monday, April 25, 2016

Just a quick update

1. the hip pain it seems is from my back, I have an exercise to do to fix this and I'm not supposed to bend.  I've been cutting out fabric and scrubbing shellfish which have involved bending, but both had to be done.

2. I've also got the side pain back in the place that landed me in hospital last year, though it's not as bad.  I'm suspecting it might be related to my elevated liver levels and I also suspect that my high sugar intake may well be part of it, so, I am not stopping sugar (again) and going to start exercising (again), the exercise I have to be careful with until the physio clears me for it.  The doctor is monitoring the liver levels, but I'll have to tell her the pain is back.  I need to do this for me (I want to be healthy, bugger the weight) and I need to do it for my family as well.  

3. I've been sewing (see #1), have got over halfway through 2 school shirts, the type with stand collar and cuffs etc.  These are for Ian and being white are boring, but necessary.  I also cut out a dress for me for winter in fabric that's been in the stash for aeons.

4. Have had to order yarn, this was not by choice, it was due to a case of yarn chicken that I am going to lose, I have a small lump of yarn in my main colour for my Strokkur jersey and I need more than that so had to order another skein, which of course means you need to order something else to go with it so you've got a chance of getting a project out of the leftovers.  I waited to do the order till I was certain of the yarn chicken thing, I'm just starting the colourwork section tonight.

5.  Been using the breadmaker most days, not yesterday or today though as I had to soak the pan cos the paddle wouldn't come out.  It's now drying so there will be bread tomorrow.  Going to try making rye bread as I'm hoping it's higher in fibre and lower in white carbs.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Frog pond

I've just finished the first of the next Sock Madness socks, unfortunately I won't be knitting its mate and this one will be frogged.  Very tight gauge with lots of increases in the middle of cables.   My hands are very unhappy after one sock, I suspect after two they'll refuse any further knitting for some time.  Also said sock is really hard to get over my heel so it won't get worn. 

As a result this beautiful sock will be frogged so I can reuse the yarn; I wish I hadn't cut it, but that's ok, it'll just lose me a few centimetres, not enough for the colour to change.

The yarn is Wollelfe gradient from Austria and I am in love!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Falling off bikes is bad for you

I mean I did know that, the bruising was a dead giveaway, but it now seems that there was more damage done.  Since the bike accident I've had pain in my right side, just where the hip bone changes to fluffy bits.  I'd not thought too much of it, but it's not been improving so I trotted off to the doctors today and now have an ACC claim in for it.  Turns out I've likely got a hernia as a result of the fall straining that side and of course it would be weaker than usual after the surgery too.   I've now got to take things easy for the next 3 weeks which will get me to 6 weeks post accident and then go back for investigation if it's not fixed itself.  Worst thing is it feels best if I'm slouching, so my posture is not being helped at all!

I tried to put something on the Visa this morning (online Lotto ticket for this week) but it got declined, found out why shortly afterwards, someone had stolen the card details and the card had been stopped due to suspicious activity at 3.30am this morning.  Only thing that had gone through was $2.50, they blocked the next transaction and its siblings, just as well really, they were over $1000!
I rang one place whose transaction isn't yet showing as it's going through Paypal to let them know it might bounce and that they can contact me directly if it does so I can pay them by internet banking.  They are sending my needles anyway which is nice of them and will call me if there's a problem.

I have been very busy with my knitting and spinning while all this has been going on and have made a list of things that need sewing as well.    On the sewing list I've got winter dresses for me, school shirts and trousers for the boys, work trousers for Dh, curtains for our rooms on the garage building and a cover for a shoulder roll to go in my pillow.

My Slip Stripe Spiral socks are finished and well in time so I'm doing Sock Madness in a team!

I finished Missandei too, I believe the pattern should be out around the end of this month; I've still to take action shots but the weather here hasn't been good when Dh has been home to take photos

And I finished youngest bear's plain socks as well

This is all my latest spinning, all 3-ply or Navajo and every one is for a specific project too.
This is from Wollelfe yarns through their Etsy shop (I wanted gradients) and will be for socks in Sock Madness

Also from Wollelfe but this is for a shawl, obviously a watermelon themed one.
I've got one more lot of yarn on the way, but I won this one from the Made In Home blog, I chose Socks Yeah in the Iolite colourway as my prize; can't wait till it arrives, so pretty!  It helps make me feel better when I win yarn.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Challenge 4: Gender Bender

The idea with this challenge was to make something either for a member of the opposite sex, or something for yourself that was inspired by clothing for the opposite sex.  An example of that latter would be a riding habit with military inspired trim.   I had originally intended to make myself something, but with George needing the cowboy outfit I decided to make him a vest in the style that was worn in 1870ish.

Leather vest
What the item is:  A lined leather cowboy vest

The Challenge:  Gender Bender

Fabric/Materials:  Leather from stash and a very incorrect piece of polyester for the lining and back

Pattern:  Burda 9812 altered to be more period correct (removing darts for a start)

Year:  Somewhere in the late 1870's to 1880's

Notions:   thread

How historically accurate is it?  From what I've seen the pattern probably isn't far off, George didn't want it to fasten or to have the faux pockets which may mean it's less accurate than it could be.

Hours to complete:  Probably about 6 hours to cut and sew, another 2 to trace and adapt the pattern.

First worn:  Will be worn next weekend at Scout camp along with the chaps I made last week.

Total cost:  The lining fabric is ancient and the leather was the third of a set of 3 skins that cost me around $20, so probably around $10 total?

So that's my next Historical Sew Monthly item finished, the next one is May's holes challenge.


I'm working on my Sock Madness starting pair, needs to be finished by midnight on the 14th (not NZ time, so I have longer) and I'm less than 40 rows off being done at this point, hoping to get close to finished tonight 
The yarn is Vintage Purls in the colours from  my mitts that I finished not that long ago and the pattern is exclusive to Sock Madness at the moment.
Once the socks are finished I'll get the shawl Missandei finished, I'm over halfway through the knitted on border so it shouldn't take long.
See, almost done!
On the recovery front I went backwards slightly due to overdoing things (I don't learn apparently) so have taken some time out from exercise to let things improve again.  I'll start biking again this week, 5k rides for the week and then work up again.

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Protection Challenge

What the item is:
A pair of leather chaps for horse riding through the bush like American cowboys wear from the 1870's to 1890's which is when this particular style was popular

The Challenge: Protection.

Fabric/Materials: 2 lambskin skins, real ones would be made from cowhide but lamb is what I had in stash and eldest won't actually be doing rough stuff in them, it's a costume for Scouts camp.

Pattern: drafted by me

Year: 1870 ish.

Notions: Polyester thread

How historically accurate is it?
Hard to know, I had to approximate a pattern from images on the net and I think many were fastened rather than sewn but I couldn't get a good enough look at them so went with sewing.

Hours to complete: Probably about 4 hours

First worn: Will be worn 3rd weekend of this month for the last night at Scout camp, costume is required and the theme is cowboys this time.

Total cost: I think I paid about $20 for the skins on Trademe, they certainly aren't great quality but for the job at hand they did fine.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Tucks and Pleating

The Challenge:  Tucks and Pleating
Materials:  An old sheet from Gran's stash, some bobbin lace from stash, some weaving cotton used to make the ties.  I may have to redo the under bust tie, it's not quite long enough despite allowing a heap of extra length!

Pattern: From Janet Arnold's Patterns Of Fashion 1; it's the first Chemisette on the page.

Year: 1810

Notions:  Polyester thread

How historically accurate is it?  The pattern is 100%, I've made some changes though, no mushroom pleats, instead I used lace and pleated that on.  Added some pleats to the neck too, not mentioned in the description, but the pattern looks like they're there and it wouldn't fit the neckband without them.   My fabric I suspect may have some poly content going by how it acted under a hot iron and the lace looks more like crochet than would have been available then so I'd say maybe 60%.  My cords are all hand-braided.

Hours to complete:  I don't know, but it took a couple of weeks from cutting out to being finished due to my procrastination skills.

First worn:  Not yet, I can't wear my corset yet due to the remaining swelly belly from my surgery, it could be up to another 8 months before I can get into it.

Total cost: Everything was from stash, much of it from a very long time ago.  Maybe $10 for the lace as that came from China (I think).

My next project for the Protection challenge is likely to be a pair of leather chaps for my son to wear at Scouts for their next camp; they're supposed to be cowboys and a costume is required.  I can't find a free pattern so I'll be following an approximate tutorial and keeping my fingers crossed.  Chaps have been worn by cowboys since colonial times in the US so it's definitely in keeping.

In other news I've got 2 hoods cut out to add to the boys school raincoats, still can't believe the uniform rainjacket doesn't have a hood!
I've also got a decent amount through the test knit, I'm about halfway through the second to last chart at the moment.
We've put a new fridge on HP, the old one wasn't really big enough and had some issues with bits breaking, it's been bought by a trader and is now gone.
I got this one from Harvey Norman's clearance centre which meant is was quite a bit cheaper as it was an ex display one.
And I've been exercising, either doing housework or riding my bike or walking most days.  I managed 10.2km on the bike yesterday!  Now to stop the sugar, which won't happen while there's a partial tub of Tip Top Hokey Pokey icecream in the new freezer.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Procrastination Challenge

The Challenge:  Procrastination.  This was originally cast on 1.5 years ago and I just didn't get any further; so glad to finally have it finished and wearable!

Materials:  Sock yarn (Vintage Purls in this case)

Pattern: Little Skater.  This is a modern pattern, but is very similar to an 1855 pattern in Godey's Lady's Book called Knitted Mitten and Bracelet

Year: 1855 I guess, the first thing I've made for this period, but will be worn a lot this coming winter with modern clothing.

Notions:  2.25mm circular needles and stitch markers

How historically accurate is it?  The actual colourwork pattern is from a modern pattern, but if seen in the time it would probably pass quite well.  Pretty sure not everyone then liked frills on their mitts and fingerless gloves have been around since Roman times.

Hours to complete:  A lot plus 1.5 years, lol.

First worn:  Not yet, too hot at the moment, but in winter it's going to be a staple.

Total cost:  $33 probably for the cost of the original yarn club.

Blocking on my glove blockers.

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